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About what we do

The Fitability Tandem Cycling program offers tandem cycling opportunities principally to vision impaired people in the Canberra region, as well as to those with other disabilities who would otherwise be unable to cycle independently.
Floriade 2009
Fitability has a number of tandem bikes, both road and recreational style, for the use of participant cyclists.
Our participants are:

  • cyclists who ride as tandem stokers (in the rear position) who have vision impairment or are blind, as well as those with other disabilities such as autism and amputees
  • cyclists who ride as tandem pilots (in the front position) with our stokers

We encourage people who may like to ride as pilots or stokers to try out tandem cycling with us.

Several of our riders bring their own tandem bikes along to our activities.  We may loan tandems so that people with disabilities can ride privately with friends or family members.

If you would like more information on Fitability, or would like to become a tandem pilot or stoker, contact