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Tandem Cycling Come and Try Saturday 10 November 2018

On Saturday November 10 at the forecourt of the National Museum of Australia (Lawson Crescent, Acton), between 2 and 4pm, Fitability will be holding a come and try tandem afternoon where people can go down and trial riding a tandem bike!

This is a great opportunity for people who are confident riding their own bike to turn up and see if piloting a tandem is something they enjoy so that they can volunteer to share with riders with vision impairment or other disabilities.

The event is also for vision impaired adults of all ages and cycling ability and older children (with consent from a responsible adult).  Tandem riding can also be suitable for people with some other disabilities.

If you are a rider with a disability there will be a number of trained tandem riders who will ride with you in a safe, off-road or back-street environment.

This may open doors for you to get some gentle exercise, meet people and have fun.

While most Fitability riders are volunteers, you can also speak with us about opportunities to ride tandem through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  Under the NDIS people with a disability may be able to use their NDIS funds to arrange the regular support of a tandem pilot and reach their own recreational and social goals.

No matter what interest you have, whether it is road riding, social riding or even racing – if you are open to trying a tandem then Fitability’s trial afternoon is for you.

Bring your helmet if you have one.  Tandem bikes and spare helmets are provided!

If you need a lift to the venue please let us know so that we can arrange transport.

You can also contact us if you would like to know more about the event or about tandem riding and the Fitability Program.  You can also have a look at our website


Want to ride a tandem with us?

Are you interested in trying your hand at tandem cycling?

If you are interested in learning how to pilot a tandem, or you are a person with a disability who would like to test out riding a tandem, click HERE for more information about Fit-Ability.

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